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The bicycle is one of the earliest means of transport that is still present in modern times, not only because it is loved by people who practice recreation in nature, but also as a favorite means of transport throughout the population, because it is environmentally friendly, saves energy and is fast and convenient. mode of transport and that is why bicycles have become more and more common in recent years.
In China, the production of Yongjiu brand bicycles is more than a century long, this developed production uses a variety of modern innovative materials and mature technology, and the design of bicycles suits a wide population, they are light and suitable for riding.
Our products are sold to more than 100 countries.
Thanks to the “One Belt One Road” project, Yongjiu brand bicycles arrived on the market of Serbia and neighboring countries from Shanghai.
High quality and reasonable price, reliable and modern, many love it.
We have provided after-sales service as well as various spare and decorative parts.



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Electric bicycles

Električni biciklovi
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Dodatna oprema
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